A Picture Worth 153- 155 Words

A North Fork Beach in Winter photo by Bruce R Jaffe

I read somewhere that the average blog length was around 153 words. As one who consistently writes over- sometimes well over- that average, perhaps it’s time I take the notion of brevity to heart- particularly when it’s a holiday. Happy President’s Day. And particularly when there is such a beautiful picture (left) to look at instead. This is a silent, beautiful North Fork beach in mid afternoon, in mid winter- and I think it’s the perfect pictorial accompaniment to a few lines from the great poet and erstwhile North Forker, Walt Whitman:

“There is a dream, a picture that for years has come up noiselessly before me… It is nothing more or less than a stretch of interminable white brown sand, hard and smooth and broad, with the ocean perpetually, grandly rolling in upon it, with slow, measured step, with rustle and sweep and foam.”

(155 words)


2 responses to this post.

  1. good to see this


  2. Love the picture and quote from Walt Whitman. I didn’t know he lived on the North Fork. Also enjoyed the German winemaker saga and hearing about all your friends.


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