Crazy for Corvina

Piedmont, Italy

A few months ago, I decided to form a wine tasting group,  the East End Wine Lovers. It was partly personal- I wanted to meet my new neighbors – and partly civic-minded- I wanted to bring the region’s wine lovers together. Its success (so far) has a lot to do with the enthusiasm and energy of the group’s 65 members, not to mention Carolyn Iannone, general manager of Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, who I’m convinced knows Everyone Worth Knowing On the North Fork.

There have been two meetings, er, meetups, so far of the East End Wine Lovers. They’ve both been BYOB and both have taken place at Love Lane Kitchen. The first one was a general “bring a wine that you love” and the meetup this past Monday night was dedicated to the wines of Northeast Italy. That seemed to cover a pretty broad range of possible wines that people could bring and that would also pair well with the pastas that Love Lane Kitchen’s chef had prepared.

A stormed churned through just hours before we due to meet (up), with fifty mile an hour winds and rain that slanted sideways (i.e., typical East End weather) but almost forty people showed up. They sported Barolos and Barbarescos, Gavis and several Dolcettos, including a delicious 2007 Prunotto. But the wine of the night wasn’t from Piedmont  but the Veneto: The Allegrini Palazzo della Torre- a ripe, robust red made mostly from Corvina (the main grape of Amarone) with a little Rondinella and Sangiovese thrown in for good measure. Four people had chosen to bring it along- making Corvina clearly the new favored grape of the North Fork – and as Allegrini bottling proved, at $20 a bottle, a very good buy.

Maybe someone should tell Chris Tracy, who makes terrific wine from Italian varietals like Tocai and Lagrein on the South Fork  (Channing Daughters winery) how much we North Forkers are loving Corvina …


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  1. Posted by Perri on January 28, 2010 at 11:19 am

    Small world! I’ve been following your blog since reading the article in Edible East, and recently told my boyfriend about your story. I’m a NYer who’s also fallen in love with the North Fork and have dreams of making a permanent move there one day. My boyfriend, George, is the assistant wine maker at Waters Crest and we’re good friends with Jennilee and Carolyn at LLK. He was supposed to attend the wine event on Monday but couldnt make it – so maybe you’ll meet him next time. I know you’re a Cab Franc lover too, so if you havnt tried Jim’s Cab Franc at Waters Crest, its worth a trip!


    • Hi Perri-
      Thanks so much for writing- and yes, I’d love to try the Cab Franc at Water’s Crest- in fact I keep meaning to set up a time to stop by and visit. Do you get out to the North Fork very often?


      • Posted by Perri on January 28, 2010 at 11:53 am

        As often as I can! George lives just east of the North Fork, so we find excuses to go wine tasting or out for dinner at least 1-2 times/month. I spent one summer catering for LLK (went to culinary school with Jennilee) and met George and can’t seem to get enough of it. The wine tasting group is such a great idea – maybe I’ll make it one of these days. And definitely check out Waters Crest…especially when he releases his ’07 reds!

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