Pollyanish Prose?

Current Issue of Edible East End

I wrote an essay on my new life “Under the North Fork Sun” that’s just been published in the latest issue of Edible East End. EEE is one of several “Edible” publications managed by the estimable Brian Halweil and his team; it’s a beautiful magazine with some truly terrific photography. My piece, complete with a photo by the talented Randee Dadonna is found on page 59 or click on the cover and go to “current issue” and you’ll find the piece under “transplants.” One of my friends, after reading it, said “It sounds like the Eat/Pray/Love of Long Island” while another declared it was rather  “Pollyanish” adding, a bit waspishly I thought,  “It sounds like you love everything.” (And yes, he happens to be a professional critic.)  And yet … when I stopped by the Village Cheese Shop in Mattituck a few days ago (it’s one of the places I mentioned in my piece) to buy some cheese for a friend, Rosemary the owner was there. “Are you my cheese girl?” she asked and came around the counter to give me a hug. There’s something to be said for a Pollyanaish view of the world- particularly when it’s accompanied by a hunk of good Parmesan.


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  1. Posted by despina gianopulos landers on January 1, 2010 at 8:29 am

    hello there! i spent every summer of my life out here in southold ( I grew up in brooklyn). moved to LA 12 years ago and then bought a house in southold last year. can’t keep me away! am here spending the week between christmas and new year’s with my four year old daughter, sophia, and my husband jay, who makes me laugh all the time, especially out here. he is not fond of wildlife or the wilderness and reminds me of that every day. according to him, southold has too much of both, but he’s actually having fun. i read your article in edible east end while on the hampton jitney and i laughed out loud! loved all the foodie advice and your take on this beautiful part of the world. we can’t get any good pizza here on the north fork. any thoughts on that?

    happy new year.


    • Hi Despina-
      Thanks so much for your note – and the kind words. It sure sounds like you have a pretty great, not to mention, interesting, life- between LA and Southold. I like the pizza at A Mano in Mattituck- have you tried it? They also have a good, fairly-priced wine list.
      Happy New Year! Best,


  2. Don’t apologize for an honest and beautiful piece! Would that we could look at things so innocently all the time.


  3. I’m a Manhattanite and a newbie on the North Fork from 1995. I picked up the latest edible east end mag at A Mano last night and found your essay charming. I lived out here for a year alone myself and found the experience beautiful but challenging post-Christmas. Good luck to you. I’ve never been to the Love Lane Kitchen but your article and the one by Eileen Duffy has put it on the map for me. Thanks. I will be following your blog.


    • Hi Alan, Thanks so much for writing- and for the kind words! You are certainly right about the Challenging- Post Christmas time…what have you done to make it more bearable (besides run away to the Caribbean??) Yes do try the Love Lane Kitchen (though I love Amano too) all best, Lettie


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