The North Fork of… Ohio

Ohio Farmland (or is the North Fork??)I lived in Ohio for several (formative) years of my life. I even went to college there. So to say that I have a feel for the Midwest is a bit obvious, I guess. I have a good friend who still lives in Ohio but then he’s Cleveland born and bred. (Four generations of Clevelanders- as Jeff likes to point out).  Jeff is a wine drinker but not a wine collector- and the time we spent together last January turned into one of the most popular columns I’ve ever written- and yes, it was a search for wine. In Cleveland. And yes, it has a happy ending. (Read and judge for yourself: Cleveland.) Jeff and I were emailing recently about music (does anyone talk on the phone anymore?) and Jeff speculated that the North Fork looks a lot like Ohio.

I’d told Jeff about a great group  called Low Anthem who are just out with  a wonderful song called To Ohio” on their latest album “Oh My God Charlie Darwin” and in their youtube video, parts of it, well, kind of look like the North Fork.  My plan is to get Jeff, his wife Diane and their (precocious) son Eli to visit me on the North Fork next spring so they can all find out for themselves that the wine on the North Fork is a lot better than the wine in Ohio… of course.


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