Home for the Holidays

Rudy's View of the World (photo by Bruce Jaffe)

One of the best aspects of my new house – a hundred something year old farmhouse – is that the windows are low enough for my dog Rudy to look out. (He’s a corgi and his legs are less than seven inches long.) He’s having some trouble adjusting to the new (quieter) life on the North Fork. Any time there’s a noise outside, Rudy has a look out the window hoping it portends the arrival of company, preferably with cookies in hand. Sometimes it’s my neighbor Joan, sometimes it’s the Fedex man or a repairman (Rudy has seen plenty of them) and sometimes it’s only the wind.

This Thanksgiving will find Rudy surrounded by plenty of company- and cookies – and I hope it finds all of you enjoying the same.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Lettie — I love this pic of Rudy! He’s easing into the Forked Life with the charming and curious exertion of a well-balanced canine. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!


  2. I have a corgi too! Oh what she wouldn’t give to have the windows at her height =) I love my corgi soo much! Bet yours is just as cute and cuddly =)


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