Mystery of Mocha

An (un) Monikered Mocha

I took a very early bike ride this morning to the snazzy Blue Duck Bakery (the Southold branch – there’s one in Southampton as well) to buy my friend Kathy a birthday cake. She loves mocha cake so I thought it would be a perfect way to surprise her (cake for breakfast!) and I’m a big fan of the Blue Duck baked goods – especially their breads. But their only mocha cake had the word MOCHA written across the top in block letters so big there was no room for Kathy’s name, let alone a Birthday wish.

But Kathy was a good sport about – in fact, she said she found the same thing at her bakery back home in New Jersey when she tried to buy a mocha cake. (Kathy and our mutual friend Maryellen were visiting me for the weekend.) “Every time I go to buy a cake in my bakery at home for someone’s birthday they have MOCHA written across the top so there’s no room,” Kathy said. “But why? It’s not like they have CARROT written on the top of carrot cake or CHEESE on a cheese cake!”

She had a good point. Can someone solve this mystery please?

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Kathy, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the MO cake (the three of us ate the CHA for breakfast).


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