Interesting Women


Long Island Wine Country (Three Forks Press) by Jane Taylor Starwood

After a (very) short stint washing crates at Lenz (Winemaker Eric Fry told me “You can get away with this now, but I’ll need you to make a real commitment when we start harvesting reds”) I left to get ready for my lunch with Jane Taylor Starwood, the most recent interesting woman I’ve met in my short time on the Fork. Jane not only wrote a beautiful and comprehensive book about Long Island Wine Country but she’s also a local powerhouse – editor in chief of the Long Island Wine Press and she’s in charge of all the special issues and inserts into the local paper- and there seem to be dozens and dozens of those. Jane has lived on the North Fork for about thirty years and had many “previous lives” before she got here. I hope to hear about them all some day.

Jane and I had lunch at Love Lane Kitchen which is the Mattituck equivalent of Michael’s restaurant in New York (minus the money and plastic surgery.) But like Michael’s, it’s where “everyone” goes. Barbara Smithen, owner of Sherwood House Vineyards, was eating lunch at the bar and the restaurant’s manager, Carolyn Iannone was running around. Carolyn, who used to work Paumanok Vineyards, is a cute twentysomething year old for whom the word ‘bubbly’ seems to have been coined.

“There are so many interesting women on the North Fork,” I observed to my friend Louisa Hargrave at dinner that night. Louisa, of course, is right up at the top of my Interesting Women file. “But I haven’t run across as many interesting men,” I added. “They are a lot harder to find,” Louisa said.


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